How to Create Quotes, Invoices and Pay Your Bills with Xero


Making Tax Digital (MTD) is HMRC’s way of encouraging everyone who runs a business or earns over £10,000 from the combined property or self-employed income to maintain and submit their accounts records in a digital format.

Many people fear this change, especially if they have limited experience with computers and the internet – but it’s honestly not that difficult. When you have access to robust, simple software, a lot of the ‘work’ can be automated for you.

Our MTD knowledge hubs contain plenty of information about how to get started including ‘how to’ sections for Xero accounting software. If you missed them, please here to access an overview of the full MTD resources. [Add hyperlink when living]

Sending a professional impression to your clients

Xero enables you to send branded quotes to your customers. Quotes are trackable and easy to convert into an invoice with a few clicks of your computer mouse or taps on your device screen.

Invoices generated by Xero provide your customers the option to pay you online, encouraging faster payment – and a healthier cashflow. 

Keeping track of your bills with Xero is simple. Suppliers can send bills to a dedicated Xero email address, which automatically uploads the bill. Once reconciled, you can schedule bill payments in batches or set up repeating bills to save time. 

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It isn’t necessary for you to implement all the features included in the Xero accounting software. Please use what you feel is appropriate for your business and the features that will streamline processes and save time. 

If you would like to discuss how best to use the software, please contact us at 07484 855 083